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Hilaea Media is part of a winning research project supported by the Brazilian Fund for Biodiversity (Funbio). Led by PhD Biologist Mariana Batha, it comprises a multidisclipinary team from  UFRJ Institute of Biophysics and Biology, the Oceanographic Institute of the University of São Paulo (USP),  Instituto Boto-Cinza NGO and five fishing communities and associations scattered throughout the coast of Rio de Janeiro cityl and surroundings.

Among the several expected results the rwesearchers want to collect data on the ecology and conservation status  of the shark species occuring off the coast of Rio de Janeiro . Six gps trackers will be placed on sharks allowing the scientists to extract novel information on their ecology and habitat. Another important expected result is to sensitize fishing communities on the need to halt shark fishing. One of its intentions is also to find out the level of organic contaminants  in those marine populations.

Hilaea's task while embedded with this team of scientists is to produce an original audiovisual piece that will help to reconcile scientific and fishermen expertise.

Biology and ecology of the 21st century now reach a sufficient degree of precision to distinguish individuals and consider them with their unique personalities and life stories.

A reflection on our relationship to the world and to otherness: the shark, as a symbol of the "savage" who escapes our rules.

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