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As humanity faces the limits of its small planet, we want to help it marvel at and care for the wondrous diversity that surrounds and nourishes our bodies and souls.

HILAEA is a creation and production studio based in Rio de Janeiro. We are made up of journalists, visual storytellers and academics from the Americas and Europe who share a deep sense of empathy for the living.

We chronicle from the frontiers of the Anthropocene, crafting audiovisual storytelling that reveals the interdependencies of living things.

Dado Galdieri

co-founder of Hilaea

Dado Galdieri is a Brazilian editorial and documentary photographer with years of experience in the creation, development and illustration of stories and visual concepts.

He focuses on contemporary social and environmental issues in a world struggling to find a high-energy, low-carbon alternative to maintain its lifestyle. Trained in Communication, he studies a master's degree in Science of Sustainability.

Twice nominated for the Prix Pictet, he works with the Pulitzer Center investigating environmental stories and their impacts on traditional communities and biodiversity. 

Pilar  Olivares

Hilaea Consultant

Pilar Olivares is a Peruvian photographer.

Over the years she has covered major breaking news and sports tournaments, approaching events and themes such as World Cups, Olympics, the women condition, physical movement and climate change.

Pilar Olivares' beginnings as a photographer happened at the end of two decades of internal guerrilla violence in Peru, when she took part in her first global news assignment, the kidnapping of the Japanese embassy by the MRTA guerrilla group.  

Her interests are reporting on the roles of women in contemporary society. discovering a new culture through long-term photographic works.

Patrick Vanier

co-founder of Hilaea

Patrick Vanier is a French journalist, documentary filmmaker, graduated in history.

He has lived in the Americas for over 20 years where he works independently for many international networks.  He produces and directs numerous documentaries with a particular focus on indigenous peoples.

Today he tells stories of living beings and places, stories of ecosystems.

Dan Grossman

Hilaea Mentor

Daniel Grossman has been a science journalist for 30 years.

He has produced radio features and documentaries for U.S. public radio, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Deutsche Welle radio, and the BBC. He has written for The New Yorker, National Geographic, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Discover, Scientific American and Science.

He is about to begin a year-long fellowship at Harvard University. His work will involve researching a book on terrestrial carbon storage in forests.

Ingrid Le Van

Hilaea Consultant

Ingrid Le Van is a European education and communications consultant living in Brazil (French with a German/Vietnamese background, mainly educated in the UK, France and Germany, with work experience in several European and Latin American countries).

Specialties include the education and research sector, acting as a "bridge" bewteen Europe and Latin America, European projects, working proficiency in 5 languages ( English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German).

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